Foxhound arrives in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Jun 18, 2012.

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  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    "A Foxhound light protected patrol vehicle in Afghanistan"
    light in weight or protection?
  3. Both? along with the good old "Fitted for but not with..."
  4. Comment at bottom of link regarding equipment for the the Future Army 2020, seems to imply that this is long term procurement not UOR, so let us hope that it is as good as they say it is.
  5. Just in time to help carry the kit home then!
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  6. Looked a bit top hevey to me, then if its lightweight above the V shaped chassis dont go putting a 50 cal on top? it may topple over?

    Its design reminds me of those trucks during the riots in South Africa during apartide that the police drove around in so that roadside bombs didnt kill the occupants of the vehicle and which were very successfull? Mmmmmmmmmmmm that sounds familiar, but with the British military R&D buying machine being 20+ years behind everyone else I'm not surprised. I often wondered when these things would appear?
  7. Anything that works to protect troops is worth whatever it takes but it said £273 million quid for 300 vehicles and another £90 million for 100 more. That seems like a lot of money for these?

    Why does it cost that much?
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    What would it cost to build a Saracen from scratch now given a limited production run and no overseas sales? Look at that and the figure of less than 1 M each doesnt look too bad. As you say if it saves one life can we put a price on it?
    I know for a fact on the railways there was post Clapham a cost per life valuation on safety measures. I seem to recall a life being worth about 1/4 million.
  9. Copying old vehicles is clearly an expensive business.
  10. Its like ambulances in the NHS, the companies that build them charge 50 odd grand to the NHS but only 30k to the private sector! Also with the first batch theres all the R&D Costs to take into consideration. However had they just popped over to South Africa they could have probably bought a similar designed vehicle off the shelf a while ago as a stop-gap!
  11. It is the Ocelot by GD:

    Ocelot is a radically different breed. Unlike mine-protected vehicles based on existing commercial chassis, Ocelot is based on modular flexibility. This imaginative, new from the ground up design, integrates V-hull, blast-protection technology with a demountable protected crew pod that allows multiple configurations for different roles. In essence, the Mastiff and the Land Rover fire support kit have sired an agile prodigy: the Ocelot.

    2 + 4 patrol or 2+2 command plus other varients.

    Now what was the the Panther for again?
  12. 300k for the truck and the other 600k for "offshore consultancy"
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  13. Cose on £900,000 each. WTF!... and then there needs to be spares and so on on top of that price.

    Menwhile Terry Taliban buys a donkey for a quid and has transport that will go places a Foxhound can only dream of.

    We really are over complicating/pricing equipment and tactics.
  14. Transporting a full Bowman radio fit and a single midget operator under armour...
  15. To be fair, that price includes a level of logistic support in theatre, which considering the staggering cost of getting logistics to theatre, is going to be pretty steep.

    The vehicle itself was always going to be expensive - it was a brand new design to meet specific UOR requirements on size, weight and protection - which nothing else could meet. Consider also the cost of small-production supercars (Ferrari Enzo etc) which use similar cutting edge materials and production techniques...