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Fox quits!


Kit Reviewer
Don't suppose Chris Huhne will be going with him. I'm actually sorry about this. He displayed piss poor judgement but has always been seen to fight the Military's Corner.
Oh there is such an air of inevitability about these political resignations...so why do they not just ****ing resign while some honour might attach?

****ing disgraceful


Book Reviewer
"I'm off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz...."

Well that doesn't make any sense - at least the wife will be chuffed seeing as he can spend a lot more time at home instead of all those boring overseas trips that she wasn't allowed to go on.
Will this close a can of oozing wriggling worms? Fox's close chum had links to (and money from) every man and his dog with some sort of interest in defence. Maybe even our own spooks!

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