Fox News - War Stories

I'm confused.

Today I found myself watching FOX NEWS - War Stories, with Oliver North. It was on the Vietnam War.

And, it pains me to say it, but it came across as a well balanced little documentary piece!

It started by calling it a war that America had lost. That grabbed my attention! On Fox, surely not.

It had two main threads; individual stories of heroism, done in quite a sensitive, and not at all Hooah, fashion. Ollie interviewed (from memory), the first Air Force (or was it Navy?) pilot to be shot down and incarcerated in the Hanoi Hilton, a US Navy medic serving with the Marines, a SF sergeant from an A Team, and several others.

It also focused on the Political machinations behind the scenes, and was pretty much universally damning of the whole handling of the War, and the reasons behind it. It gave quite a negative spin on the manufacturing of the Gulf of Tonkin incidents, Kennedy's suggestion of the plot to assassinate Diem, (using White House taped conversations), and MacNamara's management of the whole sorry mess.

I was expecting a hand on heart whitewash of the whole thing. Proved wrong!

Like I said, I'm confused. But the salute to the camera at the end was just a little bit OTT Ollie.

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