Fox 'n Chickens

The Fox has got at my dear sweet daughter's Chickens and she is not a happy bear by the sound of things...

******* BASTARD WANKING FOX HAS JUST KILLED 5 OF MY CHICKENS!!! I am absolutely devastated!! :( Finishing my SHIT week!! I promise you this **** head i'm going to hunt you down & blow your brains out you bastard!!!!!!
and then

I mean it, my poor poor girls!!!
This is then followed by driveling sympathy and nonsense about foxes have rights as well from some of her drippy friends

No they're bastards!! He's dead! I'm going to have him & when I do i'm going to jump on him & kick him also & show my girls he's dead! I can't believe it, yes we've lost ALOT of money& yes it's such a waste of their lives, such a waste of my time most of them were the chicks i'd raised from last spring/summer but it's the way they've been killed is what upsets me the most! We've only found 2 bodies & 2 heads so far! my poor poor girls. I just couldn't help crying all of last night! Reason why they hadn't been shut away yet was because I was cooking a family dinner for the 1st time in 8days cause Joe was going to be back from work earlier!! FUCKIN last time i'll ever do that over my girls again!! I'm SO ANGRY & SO SAD at the same time! Not as if I wasn't low enough!! FFS!! I will skin him/her & Molly can hqve it as a rug in her wendy house!!!!!
Anyway, I then foolishly asked if it might have been a Badger as they've had trouble with Badgers in the past

Of course we're sure! Anyway heard cockrels going off on one this morning (8am) looked out of bedroom window & there were 2 of the girls stood there, went out to give them some bread, looked up & the bastard fox is stood in the gateway!!! Cheeky feckin thing! I ran indoors to get my gun & wake up Joe (my bloody guns over the house!!??? ) so by the time Joe's out the bastards gone!! he did go up round the fields after him, but nothing. Got my gun now, practiced on a few cans in the quarry I'm ready for him!!

I think that I'm detecting a little bit of hostility towards Mr Fox...

Deleted 20555

Sunday roast chicken dinner at your house with the whole family around must be emotional.
This can be arranged


Wouldn't have happened if the chickens were armed.
Nice head shot.
What happened to the top fella? Never seen a fatal left paw shot before.....
Died of fright when it saw what happened to its oppo!

This little twat did for my Speckled Sussex hens last year. One call to the local keeper, and Charlie and his family got whacked. Thought it was a ferret what dunnit, that's why I set the live catch cat trap/trail camera.

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