Fox Murdering

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Baddass, Sep 17, 2004.

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  1. These Fox Hunters should just admit that they simply believe in everything that they do.

    They hate foxes, so they kill 'em.

    I'm not keen on Maureens. Can't you replace foxes with Maureens. They'll be easy to can't run far carrying the Bn photocopying and pay statements.

    And you'll do us all a favour by setting your dogs on them.
  2. wouldnt it be better to go chav hunting?
    after all they are vermin as well, just two legged :twisted: :twisted:
  3. They'd be even easier to catch if the photo copier was rammed deep inside their lower colon..................and their achillies tendons had been cut...............and their feet amputated................and they were blinded by all the hot, sugar puff piss in their eyes, kindly put in there by a battalion of short paid, LSSA owed, fcuked over by MCM Div troopers. I'd still bang all the chicks though, apart from the one in Aldershot that weighed 17 stone and found her missing tv remote lodged under her fat titties :twisted:
  4. Yes but where's the sport in that? :lol: Anyway I don't hate foxes quite admire them actually, just not sentimental. I also quite admire rats for their sheer adaptability, hasn't stopped me spending the evening in the corn-store with my air-rifle though.
  5. My, how the dark nights must just fly past.
  6. Wan't that one of the male clerks?
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I definately would like to see introduction of 'Chav-hunting', would save me so much time on a shift!
  8. STAB hunting?? :twisted:
  9. And every tour in the nasty unhygenic places the army sent me was always accompanied by a vicious cull of the local cat and dog population because they are classed as vermin, as are foxes by farmers. The various poisons and ballistic methods used make fox hunting look like the most innefective method imaginable. Why are you not protesting against this brutal treatment of animals too?
    Double standards methinks.
  10. Fcuk double standards......kill everything!
  11. Ive seen more wild life smeared over the tarmac of this great land in the last week ,than all the hunts could bag in a year whats next ban the moters :?:
  12. Finally got hold of a "Fight the prejudice, fights the ban." placards, I've been looking soince I saw them all on the news in Westminster.
    Got it from the people at the hunt-stand at the Royal Berkshire Show today, there was a good deal of support for it. Good to see lots of young people speaking out too. All walks of life and all ages, it's great. Though, I fear, not enough for New Labour to change for.

    I want to put it up in the common room, not sure how long till some hippy pulls it down though. It'd be unjust though, we won the debate...we are in the right.

    We've reality on our side, not some sort of fluffy delusion.

  13. Fcuk me it's like reading a chapter of harry potter.
  14. but more boring.
  15. harry potter would be better if there was sex, but thats blurring the point here.
    would like to have the banner up in my van, but remember i work for a firm that banned thed DT George cross during the euro for fear of upsetting someone :roll: