Fowl play suspected as Apache comes down [sic]

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by WTZ_TWR, May 2, 2006.

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  1. They're a bit behind the drag curve on this one. Wonder when they'll catch up with the most recent "incident" :roll:

    The Scotsman, today:

    Fowl play suspected as Apache comes down

    IT MIGHT have 30mm cannons, Hellfire missiles and target-locating radar, but the British Army's most potent killing machine has been laid low by a surprising new enemy: a bird.

    The Ministry of Defence yesterday confirmed that one of its £30 million Apache gunships was forced to make an unscheduled landing after the feathered foe mounted a kamikaze attack, plunging into the helicopter's spinning rotor.

    According to rumours circulating in military circles, worse was to come for the Apache. Due to engine problems, the aircraft was unable to take off again and was left stranded in a field.

    The "birdstrike" incident took place last month near RAF Wattisham in Suffolk, the home of the Army Air Corp's Apaches. The incident is the latest in a string of embarrassments for the army's Apaches, some of which are being deployed to Afghanistan as part of a major British-led peacekeeping mission.

    Earlier this year, it was confirmed that during a training exercise in Northumberland, the barrel from an Apache's cannon had fallen off during firing.

    The army is also struggling to train enough pilots to operate all 67 of its Apaches.

    As The Scotsman reported in January, several of the small number of qualified Apache pilots have chosen to leave the army early, causing problems for the £2 billion programme. In a parliamentary answer, the Ministry of Defence has since admitted that a full complement of trained pilots will not be in place until 2010, four years behind schedule.

    The Ministry of Defence yesterday confirmed that one of the helicopters had made an unplanned landing following an aerial incident.

    "An Apache crew reported a suspected birdstrike during a flight last month. Normal safety procedure was followed," a spokesman said, declining to say if the helicopter had experienced engine difficulties on the ground.

  2. I see, its a slow news week so he'll take the pish out of HM Forces with an old story.

    Fcuk him. Never read the Scotsman anyway.
  3. When did Wattisham become the home of the Apache? Is three a bigger or better number than nine?
  4. Wattisham = 16 Air Assault Bde/Supporting Units = Heavy Media Coverage = Apaches = Wattisham = Home of AAC Apaches........................typical media logic. Besides it sounds good to the great unwashed.......
  5. I wonder where they got their ' story ' from ? :? :? :?:
    Maybe here !!
  6. 'RAF Wattisham', if only. :roll:

    When it was RAF they had Phantoms waking the dead every time they took off.

    Sadly it seems all the good RAF camps get given to the Army to ruin whilst we're stuck with places like Marham.
  7. Good camp? Wattisham? Have you been there?

    Terrible public access, dilapidated messes, no junior accommodation, PAYD, poor mobile phone reception and in Suffolk with lots of pointy headed web footed swimmers. Not a great place to be. Hence - wattashame.
  8. Agreed!