Fourth Rifle Company

I can only imagine I'm going to get a bit of stick for this, but I thought this a good place to ask.

I'm helping a small developer do some research for a computer game featuring units of the British Army.

According to Gordon Mackinlay's "A Moment in Time" the War establishment of infantry battalions increases the number of rifle companies from three to four.

Has this happened in the last fifty years. If so when?
On disbandment end of 2006 3rd Bn The Royal Irish Regiment was 11 Coy strong.

A, B, C, D & HQ Full Time Coys (AMA)
E(AMA), F (PDN), G (DGN), H (PDN), I(AMA), K(RFN) Part Time Coys
J Coy(BKL) having been re orbatted to 2 R IRISH.
When the 5th Battalion, The Queen's Regiment was formed on 1st April 1967 it was as a war reinforcement battalion. On mobilisation each TA company would have become the 4th Rifle Company of the regular Queen's battalions:-

A (Queens Surreys) Coy would reinforce 1st Battalion (Queen's Surreys) The Queen's Regiment
B (Queens Own Buffs) Company would reinforce 2nd Battalion (Queens Own Buffs) The Queen's Regiment
C (Cinque Ports) Coy would reinforce 3rd Battalion (Royal Sussex) The Queen's Regiment
D (Middlesex) Coy would reinforce 4th Battalion (Middlesex) The Queen's Regiment


incendiarycutlery said:
Has this happened in the last fifty years. If so when?
Yes, 42 Cdo formed a fourth company, J, to take to the FI in 82; although one company, M, was actually then deployed to SG.

RM Commando units have 4 manoeuvre companies, 2 Close Combat, 2 Stand-Off. Each has a different mix of vehs and wpns base.


OpSec Off
( , ,, OpSec on
Some battalions have 'experimented' with four rilfe companys, each company being made up of 2 rifle platoons and a support weapons platoon.

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