Fourth bomber nicked in Rome

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trackpen, Jul 29, 2005.

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  1. From Beeb tonight, and confirmed on Italian TV news:

    "Italy arrests 'UK bomb suspect'

    UK police have said that a man arrested in Rome is of "interest" to the investigation into the failed London bomb attacks on 21 July.
    Italian Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu had earlier said that Hussain Osman - a Somali-born British citizen - was one of the four suspected bombers.
    His brother was also arrested by police, said Italy's Ansa news agency.

    Details unclear
    Metropolitan police said they would be seeking Hussain Osman's return to the UK.
    Mr Pisanu said he was wanted in the UK over the Shepherd's Bush station attack.
    "The recent arrest, in Rome, of the Somali Hussain Osman, a naturalised British citizen and the fourth 21 July attacker, is truly worthy of praise," said Italy's interior minister in a statement.
    "The anti-terror operation, still ongoing, is part of wider international collaboration," Giuseppe Pisanu said.
    "It confirms, not only the strength of our security systems, but also the efficiency of international co-operation."
    The minister gave no details of the operation, said to have been carried out by anti-terrorist police units known as Digos.
    According to Italian media reports, Hussain Osman, 27, went to Rome to stay with a brother and was seized near the main train station, Termini.
    Based on unnamed police sources, Italian state broadcaster Rai said he had left London two days ago - travelling to Rome via Paris and Milan.
    He was traced through calls made from a mobile telephone to numbers in France and Italy, Rai said.
    Other accounts said he had been arrested in a flat in the Tor Pignattara area in the outskirts of Rome.
    Security was tightened significantly in Italy after the London bombings, but there was no indication from the authorities that the manhunt for the London suspects had shifted to Italian territory, says the BBC's Frances Kennedy in Rome. "

    I hope all Arssers will concur with a text message I sent tonight to an old friend, very senior Old Bill in Rome: "Good job lads. Compliments."
    I received an immediate response: "Thanks, but it was your guys who did all the terrific work!" (Messages translated - loosely - from Italian.
  2. Well done to the eyeties and SO13/SIS.

    The guy must have had a secret desire to get caught because he chose to hide in a close relatives house and then made numerous phone calls from that house. Just asking to get caught matey! :D
  3. Trackpen,

    Is that an "old Bill" as retired Iti copper or "Old Bill" the mad (with the best regards) "Old Bill" married to a Spanish Princess who is still going strong with his Bowler hat and umbrella and chest full of medals every parade?
  4. Big praise to the Italians (much maligned elsewhere on ARRSE for being all ´uniforms from Gucci, training and tactics from Egypt).

    The IDF would have used the phone signal to lob a missile through his letterbox. This way at least his unsuspecting neighbours survived intact and he can now claim that his human rights were violated by tracking his phone signal etc.

    Cherie, you busy?
  5. Excellent work all round! I certainly do concur with your text message, Trackpen - it's wonderful to see the behind-the-scenes cooperation bearing fruit. 8)

    I found it interesting that the report mentions that:
    The liberal application of SuperGlue to loose lips works wonders! :D
  6. Dropped on his feet when it comes to his lawyer - she looks really tasty.
  7. Tasty lawyer perhaps but his whole "i didnt mean to hurt no-one guv" bit is full of crap! Political not religious my arrse (she is a good brief)
    He has been caught, extradite his arrse!
    I feel we need to come down hard(make laws to come down even harder) on anyone who harbours or aids these scumbags. Just like the firearms laws (Five years Sh1t bust if you carry) and make it known, you help, you do bird, a good ten stretch should make people think before not dialing the peelers on 'em!
  8. Excellent news that he was caught and well done to the Italians.
    However, this also reinforces one of the points I raised in another post about passport and immigration controls; at a time when every single law enforcement officer in the UK was looking for this scumbag, he was able to just stroll onto a train at Waterloo and leave the country. The Home Office has promised a full enquiry into how he was able to do this, but I suggest we already know the answer - our customs and immigration controls are cr*p.