Fourie deported

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Taff49, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. just spotted this in the Mail

    Former England flanker Hendre Fourie is being deported after his career-ending injury | Mail Online

    first time I have heard of it happening to a pro sportsman. Although it does raise the question if having your national team actually born and raised in the country which they represent, not the one they opted for when the All Blacks/Springboks/Wallabies rejected you.

    seems harsh, especially as Abu Hanza got to appeal for 50 years before we finally got shot of him
  2. Doesn't sound quite right, but that's the DM for you.

    He could have applied for Indefinite Leave to Remain, after five years here* and therefore would have had no problem. There's no mention of him applying for ILR and having been refused so it's reasonable to assume he didn't get round to it.

    It does sound from the article as if he couldn't decide whether he wanted to settle here or South Africa, until it came to 'make your mind up' time.

    *Edited to add; 'providing he has been here that long'
  3. If he had been any good he would have been playing for the Springboks anyway.
  4. Fang_Farrier

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  5. Maybe fourie should come back as an illegal immigrant smuggled in from Dover at the back of a lorry and then be given the best council flat and lots of benefits from
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  6. All he needs to do is stand outside Parliament shouting about how great Allah is and threatening to kill everyone unless they beat their wives.

    Then he'll get a huge set of benefits and a mansion in Chelsea courtesy of the taxpayer.
  7. Yeah fourie can convert to islam whilst he is an illegal immigrant here and then join anjem choudaries muslim defence league along with the doleys and students plus the career criminals of the swp and shout about how terrible this country is and how all infidels should be put to death and then he is guaranteed to live the life of luxury at the expense of the British taxpayer.
  8. And if Labour get voted in again, he'll get an MBE for services to 'multiculturalism'.
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  9. Someone gets granted a visa for a particular job.
    No longer holds that job.
    Gets advised that by UKBA that he should sort his status out and that if he doesn't after a period of grace, he won't be allowed to stay.
    He gets outraged, because he is being treated like everyone else.
    Goes to the Daily Mail who print their version of the story and start the outrage bus.
    He sorts out his status, as advised.
    End of problem.

    So complete non-story then.