Four years minimum service?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Amaretto, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. Hi all, and I'm sorry if this is the inappropriate place to put this thread.

    To get to the point, I am nearly 25 years old and want to be join the Intelligence Corps. I know 25 is at the older age-range to be starting, and therefore I'm worried about the minimum service length.

    I know that seeking to serve the minimum service duration is on bad form, and one might question why I'm even bothering if that's how I'm approaching it. However, like I said, as I'm starting at 25 I'm thinking about my career after the army as well. I also know that if the next few years slip by and I don't join, it would be something I'd regret for the rest of my life. A bit melodramatic, but there we go.

    Thus, my question is as follows: If joining the Int. Corps as a soldier, is 4 years the actual realistic duration, or is it longer? I realise that the more training you do, the more it may add to your service time obligations. Furthermore, what does the six years Reserve requirements constitute? I found the Army's website vague.

    I appreciate any help on this, thank you.
  2. 25 may be an older age range for a majority of the Army, it's not so for the Int Corps. You could easily join up, do a short period of service (4-6 years) and be on your merry way with no problems.
  3. As Forks said you could easily do 4 years and be on your way.

    The Reserve Service bit as I understand it is that you are eligible to be called upon for service as a reserve for the stated period. In sum; this means you may get a letter through the door once you are out of the Army telling you to parade at Chilwell (the Reserve Mobilisation Centre), or wherever it is in 4 - 6 years time for a tour in wherever we happen to be deploying troops at that time.

    At least that is what I understand by the detail, and I'm still serving so it should be reasonably accurate if not completely. Hope this helps mate.

  4. Thank you for your replies, I was quite worried about it. Now I can get down to the careers office to get the ball rolling. :)
  5. Im 25 and joining mate so wouldn't worry - the way i see it you've got a little life experience behind you and you wont mess about as much as someone joining fresh from school/college (its the way i see it anyway)

    besides even if you leave after doing the full 22 years your still young enough to get another job until retirement age....
  6. this is the way i see it. im starting at catterick a week before my 28th birthday!
  7. I'm 23 and will probably be 24 by the time i get to basic so you ain't alone.
  8. Mate, I'm 24, 25 next month, going Hcav hopefully, started my app last year and I'm still waiting, so your certainly not the only one
  9. got selection,2 weeks today,just turned 32,royal engineers
  10. I wouldnt worry to much mate. Im 28 and i start training at catterick on 22nd august. im joining the fusiliers and hope to be in as a soldier for as long as they will have me. i just wish id joined up earlier
  11. I'm 28 and starting royal engineers in September
  12. I'm 21, but by the time I get in i'll probably be 25 like you mate.