Four tonner tailboard locking pins...

Seem to keep breaking, or are just missing in the first place!

Is there an NSN for them, and the chain?

Daf 4T or Bedford?
Bedford, really but if they're different both please
6MT13 / 5315-99-234-4631 PIN ASSEMBLY, COTTER SPRING

Dont have Bedford 4T AESPS. Tried 8T but number was bad. Dont try using gthe Daf ones in case they're different. I'll try find the Bedford number tomorrow.
7BD 2510998014825 cotter pin spring assembly (Pin comes with the chain)

:roll: Cue Mods entering stage left to delete this thread... :wink:


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Why would a Mod delete this? It seems a very sensible thread :)

Personally, I love NSNs, in fact sometimes they make me feel all squishy when I remember or recognise one....

Is the the most riveting and thought provoking thread that you can post? You want an NSN? Ring up bluddy Bicester! God almighty
I am glad that my time is drawing to a close if this is the standard that is loose upon the Corps today.
Different question, but on topic concerning the Beddy 4 tonner. Im currently modelling a Bedford 4 tonner for a mod team who make British only vehicle's, weapons and troops and would love to get some more reference pictures so i can get it "as real to life" as possible to go alongside the rest of the vehicles we have currently released (landy pack, warrior pack,dmp pack) If you could help in any way please visit us at the website link i provided and Private message me or a member of our team.

Thanks..... Jeff
Does anyone have a NATO Stock Number for;

'Question -Bone, ARRSE for the use of' :? :?
Does anyone have the NATO stock number for......

:? woodbines (corner of mouth issue)

:? green coveralls seat reinforced (frayed bottoms optional)

:? REME beret unshaped size 30 (for wear on back of head)

I'm thinking of a new posting 8O

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