Four stripes and a crown, info please

Middlesex Yeomanry SNCOs wear 4 (four) stripes and a crown. Does anyone have any idea on the history of this, that hopefully has a link so that I can copy it, or any advice on the awarding of it. I know there is a lot of 'alleged' wearing it as a reward by Victoria, whilst others say that before WO2 ranks came along, it was the equivalent.
In certain cavalry regiments the 4 stripes and the crown are worn by SQMS's to identify them as being in that appointment in the rank of S/Sgt. The staffies at troop level wear the normal 3 stripes and a crown. Also, in some regiments lance-corporals wear 2 chevrons and full corporals wear 2 chevrons with a regimental 'badge' above those 2 chevrons. If that confuses the issue, sorry. May be worth trying the RAC forums, may be some Armoured, Cavalry, Yeomanry historians around on there. Is your Yeomanry tied up to any regular cavalry regiment..........the answer may be with them ?
They were the Duke of Cambridge's hussars and have a long association with the Household cavalry. Now a TA unit, but with a BIG history during the Boer war, WW1 & 11. Jusk keen to get some further info
bobos........tread carefully with the HCav, they have the most confusing rank system going, may be worth looking at regimental web-sites of cavalry regiments that carry some of their little idiocynracies about badges, chevrons and traditions. Good Luck !
The Middlesex Yeomanry were given the privilege of wearing the same rank system as the Household Cavalry – various stories as to how this came about – but I believe the front runner is that they at one time or other provided the escort for Queen Victoria and as was her want she awarded them the honour. I believe (although I wait to be corrected) that all NCOs wear a crown above their stripes, and SSgts get to wear four stripes and a crown – a la Household Cav Staff Corporals – don’t think they do the Corporal of Horse name thingy though………..

bit more here
Thanks Pronto Minor. Yes they all wear crowns but dont have the CoH rank by name. I remember reading in the Soldier mag about the 'Kings Corporal' rank and it had a Middlesex Yeoman Cpl in the photo.

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