Four people, one goal, 100 kilometres, 30 hours.


Trailwalker UK 18/19 July 09 in aid of the Gurkha Welfare Trust.

LCpl Om Thapa, LCpl Om Gurung, LCpl Dan Purja and Mr Ian Crawford are the team of 4 who are taking part in this year's Trailwalker in aid of Oxfam and the Gurka Welfare Trust.

Obviously this is a cause close to our hearts, please help us raise our goal of £2000 by donating online straight to the charities.

Just think if everyone donated just £1.00 we could easily achieve our target.

Please click on the link below (or copy and paste it) to go to our home page.

Thanks for your generosity.


I was 'persuaded' to do this in 2006, I bumped into two old mates, one of whom was handing out soup at a check-point :D

The support is exemplary and the Gurkha lads are very grateful to see so many teams. Each finisher is personally thanked at the finishing line.

I plan to do it again, it's not as hard as it sounds, the team I was in finished in about 28 hours. The first teams in are clocking up 10-12 hours for 100km (62 miles) but that's so wrong, the South Downs are quite picturesque, it's not right to rush it!! :D


I was looking at doing this a while ago, but couldnt bloody find anyone round me to join, lazy feckers

Will donate chap, as soon as I get paid, good luck!


War Hero
Did it last year and thoroughly enjoyed it .. apart from the slow knackers on my team.

Even blogged it on here.

Good luck and I'll pop back at a later date with a small donation.


I did it in 2004 and I did support team for some friends in 2005. Trust me, its harder doing the support team. Try not to give them too much s**t when they forget the haribo's, they are there for you.

well rant over.

good luck to you and the curry at CP 7 make its all worth it.

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