Four Nato personnel KIA after helicopter shot down.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by purplegunner, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. Brought down by an RPG. I hope this is not the start of a trend...

  2. With all the near misses so far over there, sadly it was only a matter of time before one got hit big time
  3. RPG my arrse.

    I'd be willing to bet this tactic is the beginning of the end as it was for the ruskies.
  4. Exactly what I was thinking, CJ; Terry might have got himself some brand new toys to play with. In which case there is a very real possibility that history will be repeated. :evil:
  5. Rest in Peace.
  6. The toys have always been there as they have been found during various ops. They either haven't been able to use them for one reason or another or there has been some benefit in not using them yet.

    Possibly with the introduction of more airframes into theatre it is now a more target rich environment and bringing more down earlier may have put off NATO re-enforcing their air assets.

    Thats my guess from the comfort of my armchair anyhoo :?
  7. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Rest In Peace.
  8. If they had them, there would be a lot more helicopters going down. If we do see a lot more being shot down in the future, than we'll know.
  9. Not a UK asset
  10. There is no I in Team mate.
  11. MANPADS are available to the bad guys and have been employed.

    That we are not experiencing the same issues as the Soviet Union is almost entirely due to a small band of exceptionally dedicated individuals at AWC.

  12. Hmm Afghanistan and portable SAM

    Left over stingers perhaps ??
  13. but there is a me
  14. Standing by to be corrected, but I believe Stingers from that era would no longer be useable.