Four Nations Rugby League tickets FREE

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by whosthedaddy, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. Rugby League offer advertised in todays Sun newspaper.

    Free tickets for the Four Nations Rugby League starting 24 Oct 09 for members of HM Forces. Just ring 0844 856 1113.

    There aren't many left but I've just managed to get some so they are still available.

    Good luck :D
  2. just bagged mine,they only had Aus v NZ at the Twickers stoop left on the 24th of Oct ,oh well !!! just as well i am only down the road from there anyway and should never turn down a freebie !!!!
  3. You're not wrong, I'll be in the second row............... of the stand!
    I'll be the bloke with short hair :roll:
  4. prob only be me and you there then who are not Ozzies or kiwis ! Mind you what with it being the Quins RL ground they are all ozzies and kiwis round there anyway.Cant see it being a huge turn out i wanted to get tickets for the game at 'uddersfield