Four more years - whither hunting?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cuddles, May 7, 2005.

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  1. Chatted to one of the marshals of a local hunt at lunchtime today in the boozer. It appears that the hunt is prepared to carry on hunting under guise of exercise club. However they are very unwilling to submit meekly to self-appointed monitors from organisations such as the LACS.

    It seems that an example will be made of the first "monitor" to try and chuck his/her weight around. This will involve some intimidation at the point of contact by terrier men/marshals etc but will predominantly involve litigation funded by wealthy supporters. However under the right to roam legislation I find it hard to see what law the hunt/supporters are looking to exploit. Any clues/views (other than view hulloas obviously)?
  2. NWDN - interesting book...areyou advocating the execution of anti-hunt monitors by crossbow and their interment in grizzly bear styley "earth larders"? Because if you are, I'm all for that.

    However it does still leave us with the minor legal issues...
  3. Minor legal issue's? Like those Animal Right, tree hugging, bunny fondler hippies where so law abiding... and yet they got the law changed, maybe thats why all thsoe legal protests and campaigns fail.
  4. Still looking as if the crossbow/earth larder option is a popular one.... 8)