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Four more soljas for Burberry heaven


May you find your virgins in heaven brave soljas. RIP. I frickin' love stories like this

Darwin must have exploded with delight by now. Check out the 21 yr old mong, a dead ringer for that green alien thing in the Star Trek credits.
OOOh Pikey Central! All the Grantham Lovelies will be sporting a fashion bag to go with the eye on their cheek and the storemans arrse they all have!
Monty417 said:
The Chippy owner told the police. "FFS!! they could have phoned, we do a home delivery.
Just laughed so hard nearly grandslammed myself!! :lol: :lol:

Farkin chav scum shame they took out a chippy and not another car load of chavs
A couple of quotes from the various tribute pages

matthe 20 got taken away frm hes matess and family wiv an incident wiv a lorry bby boi were gunna miss. luke 15 got sadly taken away frm bye cancer. tom + craig + james + robert wos in a incident wiv a fire RIP BOIZ MISS U ALL LYK CRAZY XXXXXXXXXX

cheeky little lad, heart of gold, cant believe you were wiping the snow off my car the other day! will miss havin a laff wi ya
you get upto mischief in heaven! xx


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