Four more German soldiers KIA

Four German soldiers were killed yesterday (150410), very shortly after three were killed on Good Friday:

Germany's defence ministry in Berlin confirmed the deaths of its soldiers in the northern province.

They died when a rocket hit their Eagle armoured vehicle during heavy fighting with Taliban militants, about 190km (120m) north of the capital, Kabul.

It was the biggest single-day loss of life suffered by the Germans since June 2003, when four soldiers were killed and 29 wounded in a bombing near Kabul airport.

Baghlan provincial police spokesman Habib Rahman said three Afghan policemen had also died in Thursday's fighting, which involved air strikes and the use of heavy weapons.

Germany's contingent, which comprises 4,300 personnel and is the third-biggest after the US and British forces, lost three soldiers in a gun battle on 2 April in Kunduz province.

This comes a day after a poll in Germany showed 62% wanted the troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan.
Ruhe in Frieden


Well it wont be long now until they all come home, (Germans that is) unless someine else pays for their efforts they will be too busy paying for the Greek economy to fight a war!
Ruhet in Frieden, Kameraden. Das Dienstgeschibe ist vorbei. Wir werden euerer gedenken. Mein tiefstes Beileid an die Angehoerigen, Hinterbliebenen und trauernden Kameraden.

Easy to forget other nations losing blokes/lasses as well. RIP.
Trooper! said:
The German's are on a steep learning curve but I doubt their politicians have the stomach for it. Very sorry to hear this RIP.
At least they meet their fallen as they are repatriated and attend the services, unlike ours.

I'll leave it at that, this isn't the place for it.
With sincere condolences to our German allies, to their families and to their friends.

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