Four More For Paddington Green


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Let's just hope that they get to be charged first. There have been too many instances where arrests have been made and it's then all gone t1ts up and the alleged suspects have been released.

I never presumed that they were guilty.
Those arrested appear to include the wife of M S Khan, the leader of the July 7th group.
Yes that's right, his wife was one of those arrested in Dewsbury.

It's spreading though...another of those nabbed today was in Batley (just a mile or two from Dewsbury) and less than 200yards from my front door!
Nice to see that one of them was lifted at Selly Oak.
...and doesn't mrs MSK have a lovely big house for the wife of a humble deceased teaching assistant?
Suicide bombing pays well, obviously.
I saw that on the news, but the house they're showing on News24 in the background with the tag 'Batley' - that's actually the place in Dewsbury. CNN have it the right way round.
And the priority for the senior officer in charge of the investigation? To ensure that the police engage with the (Muslim) community to ensure that they understand that this was a 'low key' response to the bombings in London.

What a bunch of politically correct arrse! The amount of intelligence coming out of this area concerning the Jihadists and potential bombers in their communities, is precisely zero. **** 'em. Counter terrorist officers should be in every garden and on every street corner to give the whingeing fukcers something to get upset about.

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