Four Metropolitan Police Officers found not guilty of Assault

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Stooriefit, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. Four Met Officers found not guilty of assaulting terrorist suspect during his arrest. Stand by for outrage from those whose idea of an arrest is George Dixon taking hold of some miscreant's collar and uttering something along the lines of "right lad, no playing silly buggers or I'll get the bracelets out".

    BBC News - Babar Ahmad police officers not guilty of assault
  2. They failed then didn't they. Can the Met do anything right??
  3. Perhaps now they can get on with booking Mr Ahmad's seat on a transatlantic flight, so the US justice system can have their time with him.

    A good result for the 4 officers involved.
  4. It IS bloody outrageous if I'm reading it right. Have these, now unproven, allegations and criminal charges been hanging over the officers' heads for seven years?

    Bloody hell.
  5. Presumably it is standard practice. Get arrested, claim you were beaten up, claim that evidence was planted, claim that it is racially motivated, anything really to exploit our rights-bound, hand-wringing establishment and then see the process tied up for months, if not years, with the finest human rights legal team in defence (funded by you and me, naturally). Then, when that process is exhausted, climb back on the merry-go round to claim that the Americans won't give you a fair trial if you get extradited, or that you'll be tortured or 'in fear of your life' if you get sent back to one of those marvellously well functioning Islamic states. When that fails, climb on the EU rights bandwagon to claim that you are being denied your right to a family life if you are locked-up, kept under a supervision order, or even questioned by anybody. The whole thing should see you through to old age, at which point you can try to 'pull a Mladic', and claim to be too old and/or frail to be taken to Court.

    I'm not sure why we bother.
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  6. How in the hell does it take SEVEN years to get to court? our whole legal system is an absolute joke not to mention the prolonged stress, hassle and cost to all concerned.

    More to the point what is Barbar (clearly not the cute little elephant we all loved as children) still doing in custody awaiting extradition and how much £ is he in for if that goes tits up?????

    Wouldn't this be nice
    Mr American....Hello Mr Brit can we have Barbar he's been naughty, he's a terrorist you know?
    Mr Brit............OK as you've asked have you got proof?
    Mr American....Yes we thought of that it's all ready here you go.
    Mr Brit............OK thank you, we'll go and get him for you (que bashing in of front door and a slap).
    Mr American......Thanks we'll send over one of those white jets (which don't belong to anyone and in fact don't exist).

    If only..............

    Time scale 4 months?
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  7. He might have a large problem as the bbc have just shown the policemens' lawyer quoting that there was a listening device in the property that backs up fully the 4 four police officers' account of the raid.

    As this trial has been going on for 7 years, why was this evidence ignored or withheld?

    Something else has been going on here.

    That notwithstanding, the Met. are going to do a misconduct review of these 4 officers. I hope they are cleared and given the option of continuing to work. If not, it will appear that the Met. is acting against a ruling in law clearing these officers.

    This has the whiff of undeclared shennanigans, we have not been told the full facts
  8. "..................Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC said he hoped what he described as Mr Ahmad's ordeal would come to an end as quickly as possible....................."
    Why was his "ordeal" so long? Oh that's right, because he made false claims against police officers. Self inflicted IMHO.
  9. No outrage from me. just send the ******** to the good old USA and lets hope they fry him after a good water boarding of course.

  10. Welcome to the world of the False Allegation defence that can be investigated by one of or all of the following:

    Your boss/colleagues: Nothing like getting a "Colleague Challenge" in if you want a promotion.

    The Press - Nothing like a good anti Police Story and considering nobody likes being called a bad driver or the fact that they don't see coppers anymore they're guarenteed to get support.

    PSD (Professional Standards Department) - A Place to make a name for yourself as a detective without the risk of working nights, being assaulted or getting involved in anything too tasty.

    The IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) - A group of people who are so independent that they wouldn't lose their jobs if they found all corruption in the police was a thing of history. Oh yes they would. Oh dear, that means they have an interest in finding foul play. Might that be why they go after easy pray like incivility complaints or arrests that have turned violent where the bobby openly admits using force to exercise his police powers?

    The CPS (The Criminal Protection Service) - In all fairness as much as they are sh1te they remained sh1te for years when dealing with any case including that of police officers however nowdays after a few public gaffs they wont take the risk and will charge on the say so of a 17 year old burglar with 30+ convictions (Yes seriously).

    The Courts - Where lets face it. Your average shit head will walk away from every day ending in 'y' however if you're a bobby its a given you should know better so you deserve more of a punishment.

    Switched on repeat offenders know to use this defence as often as possible as no charges will be brought against them for making false allegations or lying under oath and the chances are it can either muddy the water resulting in a not guilty at court or more likely get them a pay out even if they are found guilty rather than having to go and settle the matter in court.

    Last month I had two allegations made (One referring to an incident that I was not involved in as I was 15 miles away at the time) so I must have had a slow month.
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  11. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    On full pay. I'm outraged
  12. Good news for the police for a change, that bugging device was the saving of them, it's a shame that the CCTV at the Stockwell incident went tits up.

    Seven years! You could redo WWII in that time, so four coppers out of the system with others having to cover for their duties.
  13. The Met, like most public bodies, take a pragmatic view of claims made in the civil courts so any monies paid should not be an indication of guilt in a criminal court. Give the fcuker 60 grand, no admission of liability and bob's your uncle - saves paying for QC's and a bigger potential payout (from public funds) in the long run.
  14. was once told TSG officers aren't doing there job correctly if they aren't getting moaned about