Four Killed in CV22 Osprey Crash Afghanistan 09/04/2010

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by tangosix, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. Thats another bad mark on the already tainted Osprey record. A fair few incidents now.

    Osprey Incidents
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  3. USMC is being very carefull to avoid using their V-22's in any situation which might require aggressive maneuvering... from what I understand the USAF isn't being so cautious. Either way, good men have died and I'm sure the investigation will blame pilot error as that seems to be the pattern when Ospreys become dirt darts.
  4. It's a dog, kids. A hundred million dollar accident waiting to happen.
    What use is a military aircraft you can't manoeuver aggressively?
    Goes a bit faster than a helicopter, but carries less troops than an Mi-17 or a Sea King. Great!!
    Thank god we had the sense to avoid this lemon completely.
  5. I didnt know the USAF opperated them?
  6. ...but they look flash especially in action films :roll:
  7. According to the article

    tells a story doesnt it? numerous lives lost while it was under development but it was still put into service!
  8. USAF Sp Ops have them. not sure how many but they ordered another 28 in April
  9. You'd better tell that to the USMC pilots at Bastion who aggressively manouevre over my office every day (and night) :twisted:
  10. The history of their develoment is quite enlightening in that respect. It's fair to say that the first paragraph of the 'Controversy' bit of the Wiki entry doesn't even begin to detail all the arguments that tis lemon caused.
  11. They are a sobering example when a procurement system goes badly wrong. Throw in politics and people who are unwilling shut down a project and what you have is a litany of body bags
  12. Here's all you need to know about the Osprey and safety. The US FAA won't even certify tilt-rotors to carry civilian passengers. And they didn't bother to enter it as a competitor for the Presidential flight tender - far too dangerous a machine for the Main Man.
  13. Hello,

    for all you ever needed to know about the Osprey but were afraid to ask,see this site:

    I think it is fair to say the chap who writes that is not the V22s greatest fan.

  14. Interesting that the project sponsor wants Obama to have one as his personal a/c...

    We love you, honest!