Four hours + a few minutes to go ex-dvr

So youll be getting a letter from Betty the boss? When do you sign out your cap, red tunic and motorised chair?

Happy birthday you old scroat, no one, apart from lippie is that old!!


probably the year after you Flash...

thanks Britegirlie!

and of course to Lippy for making me chuckle with the link, and i cant remember that far back but I probably was like that :lol:

Can't be Flash, all the pics he has of himself involve him being impaled on a large black rubber dildo
Happy birthday you crusty old git

At least now yo have an excuse to smell like piss :D :D


As i am not quite at the piss smelling stage, i had better go out for some more stella flavoured sherbets!

gunny thanks for the thought of helping me out, please feel free to kick the arrse out of how many beers you have on my behalf

Catch you all later....maybe! :D


OOps, i think i'm nearly at that stage! (smelling of piss)
So do i change now or just carry on!

all advice gratefully ignored :oops:

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