Four die in protest over desecrated Korans

Afghan police yesterday opened fire at rioters protesting over reports of American interrogators flushing the Koran down the lavatory to intimidate prisoners at Guantanamo Bay .

Four demonstrators were killed and 71 injured in the clashes in Jalalabad, the most serious since Newsweek claimed that United States personnel had desecrated Islam's holy book to upset inmates at the US base.

Shouting "Death to America", the mob ransacked aid agencies and United Nations offices, burnt American flags and an effigy of President George W Bush and tore down posters of the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai.
Bit of an own goal by the spams. 8O

The rest of the article can be found Here.
Images on BBC 24 overnight, showing the locals extremely upset.

Hey , good skills Newsweek :roll:
Well i suppose it wouldnt be fair if they just ignored a story like this because it reflects badly on the government. For anyone from the beeb, thats known as unbiased reporting. :D
Why do the BBC hate freedom ? Afghanistan has had free and fair elections ! How can anything possibly be wrong over there ? Such protests are obviously islamofascist propaganda !

But seriously ... does the intel gained from the muppets at Guantanamo using Koran abuse techniques outweigh the damage to the US caused by the reaction to same ? I doubt it. Yet again the US has shown that it does not understand the people it needs to influence to get them to stop shooting at them. I really do despair at the narrow minded ignorance and sheer refusal to take other worldviews into account shown. But hey, I'm probably some pinko raghead sympathiser for thinking that.

And for those whining on about the BBC, it does not matter whether they report it or not. The people coming to Iraq and driving semtex specials tend to watch other news sources and they would get the information regardless of what the western media does. Personally I'd like to know how badly we're screwing things up.

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