Four Canadian Police Killed in Pot Raid

Discussion in 'Canada' started by RCSignals, Mar 4, 2005.

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  2. Truly a trajedy and needless waste. The military and RCMP in Alberta have a long history of co-operation. Sadly we weren't able to prevent the loss of these four officers.

    Pray for the families left behind, including the father of the gunman. The gunman's father, 80 years old, described his son as "a wicked devil" that turned rotten long ago.

    Nothing here but trajedy and sorrow.
  3. Simply tragic.. have relatives who are in the RCMP and my brother is a cop.. all are suffering...' farmer ' in question was recently released ex-con.. farm had major grow-op and was protected by large dogs.. [ Rott-Shepard cross and a Wolf-Akida cross ]..the ' perp ' was using a high powered sniper rifle..

    don't know all the details, but, cops were regular patrol officers with standard ' vests ' and glock/sigsaur sidearm and shotguns.. no tactical back-up or anything, cause of isolation in rural areas.. guess they thought the take-down wouldn't be severe..

    I'm sure there will be the usual ' full investigation ' lessons-learned, screams from right and left about ' value' of such exercises and the ' rationale' of the laws that allow people to ' possess' for personal use but not buy and sell [ WTF? ]..
    screams to legalize will follow, wouldn't happen if left alone, etc..government control and taxation benefits, etc.. big tobacco companies looking to step in and ' recover' lost ciggie revenues through ' diversification' and such..

    in the meantime we mourn the loss of 4 in the line of duty..condolences to the wives and kids [ there are ALWAYS wives and kids ] and brace for all the mealy-mouthed politicians to get the front row seats at the hyped and overblown funeral to follow..hope to hell the cops can run the show for their own and give these men the final farewell they deserve without it becoming the expected media circus for once...

    failures and loopholes in the system always do in the good cops in their tasks..something serving in the military lets you understand fully...

    for now, I'm lowering my flag to half-mast and giving a silent toast to the fallen...

    its a real shame.. and shame on those who will exploit this...
  4. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Well said Rocketeer.

    Condolences to the families amd collegues.
  5. A sad day!

    Condolences to all.
  6. Deepest sympathies to families and friends.
  7. A terrible incident.

    My condolences to the bereaved.
  8. My condolences to the families and friends of the RCMP officer's killed in this incident.
  9. Reports are indicating that the gunman, a Mr. Roszko, ambushed the officers. Apparently the RCMP had taken the farm earlier in the day and had dismantled the grow-op. Two officers were tasked to guard the farm overnight and they would be relieved by two other officers during the crse of the night/early morning.

    Indications are that Mr. Roszko ambushed from the impromptu CP in one of the Quonset huts on the farm. Presumably the officers were having coffee/shooting the breeze and were killed without warning and had no opportunity to defend themselves. When the relief officers showed up a bit later to find out why radio contact had been lost, they were immediately gunned down and again had no opportunity to defend themselves. At some point the killer was either wounded by return fire from units that responded later or killed himself. However, there remains at least one officer in an Edmonton hospital. No word on how severe his injuries are, but hopefully the injuries are not sever and he will recover fully.