Four arrested over hoax photos


Four soldiers have been arrested and questioned over the Daily Mirror Iraq abuse picture scandal, the Ministry of Defence said.
The men were arrested, quizzed and released without charge before Friday's sacking of Mirror editor Piers Morgan.

An MoD spokesman said the paper had been helping them with their investigation into the source of the fake pictures of Iraqis being abused.

The MoD have not released any details of the identities of the four soldiers.


Hmm. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Presumably if they are non-commissioned STABs then it will be difficult to prosecute them under military law unless they took the piccies while they were on duty. I suspect the other option will be to nail them for defrauding the Mirror.

Anyway, if they can be proved to have taken and sold the photos, looks like there will be four less available for Telic 28 or whatever number we'll be on for the next go round.


msr said:

What exactly would they be prosecuted for?

Possibly 'Conduct prejudicial to the maintenance of good order and military discipline' or perhaps a Section 70 fraud charge? I leave that kind of thing to the Monkeys...