Four arrested in Birmingham - failed bombings

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. BBC

    I have been hearing on Radio 4 that one has been taken to Paddington Green, after being zapped, believed to be one of the four who fled London.
  2. BBC News 24 has reported that man arrested in Birmingham had a device attached to him. He was resisting arrest and a taser device was used to subdue him.
  3. Strange, I would of thought that an electrical discharge could have set off the device. DOuble tap to the shwede! Unless they look Brazilian...........
  4. Not one to question the profficiency of the security services or the police, but would it not have been wise to use another method of incapacitation than TASER. After all it does SEND HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF VOLTS OF ELECTRICITY THROUGH THE VICTIM (which may or may not have an electronic detonator) 8O 8O 8O
  5. Taser = high voltage?

    Bomb initiation needs an ampage? Somebody from EOD please help.

    May have sued Taser to prevent further criticism of 'shhot to kill' policy.
  6. And that just shows how the liberal media can dicatate to the police what is and isn't acceptable policy. Sad. If they saw he had a device on and thought he was about to set it off, best course of action is a couple of double taps to the cranium...

    PS a typical taser puts out 50Kv at 150-160mA

    Compare that to a 9V battery that can be used to detonate a bomb which has how many mA output?? Anyone know?
  7. RTFQ


    It's 0430 in the morning, why would he be sleeping in semtex pyjamas? They need int, dead terrorists, although satisfying, don't provide much.
  8. This has been debated on another thread. The Police's main area of concern is public safety, not collection of int. Yes it would be nice to capture a few suicide bombers alive, but not if there is a risk to the public.
  9. According to other news sources the suspect who got Tasered wasn't carrying/wearing anything suspect just that a package had been found in the vicinity and was being checked.

    So shooting Xmillion volts through the guy seems like a good idea.
  10. True words. You can guarantee that his appointed lawyer will have a whinge that "the use of the taser was an excessive measure as the homemade explosives were part of his religous rights as a British citizen in a so called democratic society"
  11. I'd imagine that were he wearing a device, it would have been removed from his body prior to sending him down south to London. The device could then be inspected and examined more closely.
  12. The point is that this guy wasn't wearing/carrying a possible bomb so the arguments about wether it was a good idea to zap the cnut or if this could possibly set the thing off are all moot.

    IF the cops had shot him then the liberal shouts of "Nazi - Fascist police state" etc would have been overwhelming so the use of the Taser was a good descion by someone in this case.
  13. The bottom line is that none of us was there and therefore do not know the facts.

    The policmen on the scene were armed so could have shot the cnut if they so wished. We now have him in custody, significantly increasing the chance of nicking the other 3 toerags involved.

    I am sure their own safety (and that of the public) was at the top of their minds while doing the arrest and not the headlines of the papers the next morning...
  14. True but dead terrorists and dead special branch officers (and potentially civilians) do not an appetising mixture make. Especialy when your chasing after more info and potential bombers. Which would you prefer?
  15. fair point, welldone to the police. Lets wait and see what details come out.