Founder member of REME dies

Discussion in 'REME' started by Bedfordrl, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. interesting stuff, never heard of the bloke before which is a shame. We should make more of our corp history than we do. Mentioned in dispatches twice is quite an achievement which also illustrates how things have changed, I cant see there is much opportunity for a REME officer to get similar awards these days unless they do some really good LEAN event whilst on OPs
  2. One of your Lt Cols got an MC a couple of years ago for his leadership at PJCC in Basra
  3. I recall the old boy visiting SEME around 1977.

    I do not think anyone realised who he was then, no-one on our course had a clue anyway and the visit was seen as a nuisance.

    Much to my utter shame now after reading his obit.

    RIP Sir.

  4. No use really.
    Wait around a bit and it gets reintroduced to us as a shiny bright new thing, albeit under the guise of a different piece of crud terminology..... :D

    Seriously though, we could be better at this sort of thing.
  5. It's worth spending an hour or so in the Museum at Arborfield - some good stuff about our heritage.
  6. I expect he got bored waiting for the ARV to turn up. Seriously, RIP Old Soldier!
  7. Old CO from 6 battalion.
  8. RIP General.
  9. Never heard of this bloke but he was a long lived soldier. RIP

  10. Legend of a man, I cannot wait for a genuinely professional Army Officer like him commands the Corps. That is not meant to be disparraging about other DEME's including the current one but it will be good to be led by aq genuine leader.
  11. I am a little annoyed that this wasn't more widely advertised by the Corps. I hope we were sufficiently represented at the funeral.