Found Whilst Metal Detecting

Remember the IRA leaving a bike pump that killed or injured a policeman, we had been up in the hills a lot of used Ordnance (used) was found a lot dated 1942 , we found "fins" from 2ins mortar (smoke) had a 4/10 cartridge in the back, marked it to report it, one of the lads had one in his knapsack we went mad he left it on the desk of Conwy police station. Within 10 min bomb disposable came along, we lost ourselves in the crowds
Do many beach mines turn up to be dealt with these days?
Back in the mists of time it was comparatively often. IIRC @eodmatt once ended up doing some.

But luckily anything below the high high-water mark is - officially- the responsibility of the RN, so they are (were?) usually tasked to them.
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