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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by recruitmcd, May 2, 2008.

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  1. Alright fellas came across this on google. just wondering what you all think of it? is it a load of bollox or what?
  2. 1,The Army’s main job is FIGHTING. Expect to KILL PEOPLE and maybe BE KILLED.2.Being a soldier is very RISKY. Apart from being killed, you could end up ILL,DISABLED or TRAUMATISED.3.Once you’re in the Army, it’s really really HARD TO GET OUT.4.But sometimes the Army SACKS SOLDIERS EARLY to save paying them a fullpension.5.And when you are out, it’s HARD TO FIT IN to civilian life again.Many ex-soldiers end up HOMELESS.6.Being in the Army is all about OBEYING ORDERS. You WON’T BE ALLOWED to haveYOUR OWN OPINIONS.7.You could be sent to fight wars which are ILLEGAL, like the Iraq war. If you refuse,you could be COURT-MARTIALLED.8.And DON’T EXPECT to have all THE KIT you need when you get there. Army FAILURESlike this could put your LIFE AT RISK.9.Are you prepared for the ARMY EXPERIENCE? – living like sardines in Army barracksin DEPRESSING PLACES; loads of RULES; PUNISHMENT for disobedience;institutional food. You may be BULLIED..10.If you really want adventure, fun, qualifications, money and to see the world, thereare other ways to achieve these things. YOU DON’T NEED TO JOIN THE ARMY! (orthe Navy or the RAF).
  3. What a load of b@"$%$ks
  4. Not all bollocks, but most of it is :D

    Iraq war was and still is illegal. The Army is about obeying orders(like every other job.

    I think some people think the Army consists of the Infantry and that's it. If that were true then yes, your life is at risk. At the end of the day our lives are always at risk; When we get in a car for example!

    Some correct things there, but mostly shite.
  5. The vast majority is true.

    Then again I joined the Army for the challenge not to be gently massaged in coconut oil by a pre pubescent Thai boy on a daily basis.

    It's all swings and roundabouts - unless they are VOR'd.
  6. Made by hippys..
  7. Can you provide a link to where this is from? As said above, i suspect it is some hippy site.
  8. Whats yer problem nancy boy. All the above is character building.
  9. Theres no problem im up for all of it, just thought id share it with everyone, it would take more than that to stop me joining the infantry (Death comes to mind) Catterick here i come.
  10. All i can say hahahahaha! With a side of WAH!
  11. Sounds like Phase 1