Found not guilty? Good, now pay your costs.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. Just when you think the lying, dishonest tossers in the government could get no worse, they prove they can.

    from: Pistonheads

    If you wish to sign the petition(yes I know ) go here.

    I would also urge everyone to spend a quick 5 minutes dashing off an email to your MP.

    I really have had enough of this socialist joke that is UK. ENOUGH!

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  2. Signed,and I couldn't agree with you more about the UK being a Socialist joke,and a sick one at that.

    This administration's breathtaking shamelessness knows no bounds,does it? :evil:
  3. What a bunch of cnuts!

  4. Duly Signed, Just when you think the cnuts can't do much more to us they come up with this crap. Sick,Broken Britain.!
  5. "...and..things will better... better all the time... yeeahaaww!"

    Fharking wonkers...... Neues Arbeit at its best, and its worst...... :roll: :x
  6. Don't forget, you are guilty, maybe not guilty of the offence you have been done for, but nevertheless guilty of something. Welcome to the EUSSR.
  7. Even in mainland Europe you are allowed to appear in court if you think a fine has been levied incorrectly, and not have to pay for the privelege if you are found not guilty.

    This is the result of a socialist state that is bankrupt.
  8. Purely and simply designed to make it to expensive to plead innocence.
    For thousands it will now only be affordable to plead guilty wether you hve done anything wrong or not.

    Should boost the takings up a little eh?
  9. However bad the Tories might be, they couldn't offend me as much as Labour if they tried.

    "Sh*t Gordon. We're out of cash! Shall we stop paying unemployed scum to live the high life?"
    "No. Let's stand down a third of the Army, fine the innocent as well as the guilty and let a few more criminals back onto the streets..."
  10. I take it that the usual scroungers will not have to pay? ANOTHER stealth tax by any standards. It's time Cycops & co. took a long walk in sandy places.
  11. Anyone who still supports New Labour needs sectioned.
  12. Thought I might just bump this for people who have not yet been insensed.
  13. I'm also intrigued by this "victim surcharge" thing that's come in. In an idle moment a month or so ago I was reading the local court reports & was very confused by who was paying the charge.

    It seemed that some had it slapped on for what are in essence victimless crimes (IIRC growing dope) while those done for assault didn't pay up. I may have got this all a bit addled, but what's going on?

    Edit to add I've just done a quick Google on this & see that it's £15 slapped on anyone convicted of a criminal offence. This still didn't seem to tally with the court reports. Must look again...
  14. Raging! How the fcuk can they justify this nonsense?
  15. Signed.

    I am sure these twots sit down every day and think how they can wind up the population of Britain.