Found memory card - Ghurka personal pictures

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by ko_neko, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. Apologies but Im not forces. I registed to see if anyone can help and the lovely people on the live chat suggested here (amongst other things!).
    I found a memory card in Dover and its got pictures of a Ghurka in uniform in the uk and abroad, as well as what is clearly a family funeral in his home country (open coffin etc)
    I dont fancy wandering into a barracks to hand it in but I would like to find the owner so I can get his pictueres back as they are obviously precious. I can download one of the pictures of him but not sure if thats ok - can anyone suggest anything?
  2. Why not present yourself at the guardroom by the gate and hand it over? They wont behead you or anything.:) They will be very pleased to see you. Many of them speak very good English. The soldier will certainly appreciate it. Thanks for bothering. Not many would have.
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  4. Then they should be more pleased to see you!

    I think they may have moved to Folkestone but i'm sure someone else can direct you in the right direction. have you been to the barracks to see if there is an Army careers office or a similar point of contact?

    Tpr G
  5. If you can make out the cap badge from the photos and compare them to those shown here: there may be somebody on here (or in your nearest Army Careers Information Office "The address is in the phone book") who can give you the address of the most likely barracks to post the memory card to. (Mark the envelope "Memory card found in Dover" and don't enclose anything else - mail without a recipient's name can look a bit suspicious).

    Alternatively, hand it in to your local Police Station, preferably after comparing the capbadges - Plod may do something about it if you've done part of the detective work for them. ;)

    I'll echo DD's thanks for your concern.
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  7. I don't have anything constructive to say, other than to thank you for restoring a little of my faith in humanity.
    All the best :) , hope you find the owner of the card :) .
  8. 1 RGR are a bit busy right now, in a hilly, sandy place. 2 RGR are in Brunei, I think. Bearing in mind where you found it I suspect it would belong to somebody from 1 RGR who where training in that part of the world late last year.
  9. DuffDike you have shown your own weakness to a decent chap who looked for help.
  10. Thank you for your concern and public spirit...........but has Sir John Moore Bks closed at Shorncliffe then? IIRC and I was there last year it was still open (due to the proximity to several training facilities) there was lots of Ghurka 'blerks' running around then.
  11. If you can make it to Folkestone, please hand the card into the gate guard of Sir John Moore Barracks in Cheriton; they will find the owner for you. Thank you for your public spirited help... most people would wipe the card and use it for themselves! :D
  12. You beat me to it LWM!

    Well done the original poster.
  13. Thanks for the compliment - we're so taken aback by the kindliness of a member of the general public that we've diverted from our normal form.

    Do keep dropping in, I wouldn't want you to go away with the wrong opinion of us! ;)
  14. Hackle

    You beat me to it, you rotter...
  15. I think if you did, you would be made to feel very welcome.

    The Gurkhas are incredibly polite, as well as being right scary little types.