Found in the woods

I know there was a thread on here about these things but due to Monday morning mongness I'm dammed if I can find it.

Anyway, was out and about this weekend and found the following.

The thing I found odd is that this isn't near to any houses or anything just a small farmers road through the woods.

Just seems an odd place to put the thing, or were the things just dumped any old place?


I saw the other thread but I'm buggered if I know where.

The prescence of a portable bunker, sighted apparently without reason, with inadequate firing ports and with no field of fire would seem to suggest that the RAF had something to do with it.

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The visible embrasure could only really be used for observation, you'd struggle to fire a wpn. from it, except maybe pistol/SMG. Any pics of the other side?
This looks like a local variant of a Fire Watch Post - the slots aren't firing ports - they are for viewing. It could be sighted adjacent to a former open air munitions dump, vehicle park, MoAS aircraft park, MoS food dump - the sort of temporary facilities that had little fixed infrastructure.

It also looks very similar to relay boxes found alongside DeutchesBahn tracks (Ed: is that a bit spotterish?) as well as Volksturm watch posts that you can occasionally find off the beaten track in Bavaria.
Have a mooch around this site

Looks like a sentry post just for shelter. They made them out of concrete as wood and metal were scarce resources.
Its nothing to do with the military, it is a Darleks version of a blow up doll!

And on a serious note, I have seen similer on an old WW2 reserve airfield up here. They were situated about a mile away from the filed in a circle around it. Always belived them to be some form of "spotters" shelter.
Bear in mind that the undergrowth could have changed considerably since the thing was put there. It doesn't take long for trees to spring up and totally change the terrain.


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There's one down by the woodline from a stretch of beach just along from Dunrobin Castle.
Nothing of value in area other than a potential landing ground. Have been meaning to take pictures of it, may have to do so to post here.
I think pup green who used to post on here had one in the fally muesum I think it's a portable air raid shelter for duty bobs could just be sited were needed. Might have been acquired for a farmer for some reason.
Slightly off thread, why are bodies always found by 'man out walking dog'? Has anyone ever thought of questioning 'man out walking dog' as a suspect?
I walk my dog briskly three times a day and have to date found one body, a Rusky vodkaholic who froze to death. I missed another body, an "East European" John Doe found in local woodland with gunshot wounds to the head. A jogger found that one. So far no one has found my bodies.
It looks like an emergency air raid shelter. They had a very similar looking one outside a museum in Preston that the ARP would use during WWII if they were caught outside when the bombs began to drop.

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