Found an old family photo today...

And my gran couldn't tell me anything about the great uncle pictured, so I was hoping a spotter may recognise the ribbon and maybe the pattern of uniform may give something away with regards to his job.
Thanks in advance.


That's brilliant thank you, as I mentioned no could tell me a thing with regards to his role, I take it there wasn't an 'Infantry pattern' (or equivalent) uniform then? Please excuse my ignorance. Oh and k13eod, that made me chuckle too.
Medal looks like the Africa Star with an '8' representing that he served with the eighth Africa Corps. The uniform doesn't give away his unit.

How the **** did you work that our from this?

Arrse medals.jpg
Africa Star (with North Africa 1942-43 clasp, for Navy service)
Could he have been RM?
Doesn't look like an eight or a rosette shape to me - seems to have a flat bottom to it. I have no expertise here, just seeing it as I do.

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