Found,a new survivor of WW1

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. Although approx 2/3 of WWI military records were lost in an air raid in WWII, the medal cards have survived. I have had a look on, but there isn't one for him. He would surely have been awarded the Victory Medal, even though he didn't go to France. I am standing by to be corrected.
  2. He wasn't deployed, so does that make him a veteran?

    Not sure :(
  3. Neither am I now.
  4. I'm pretty sure another who died recently (last 6 weeks?) got a lot of attention, even though he (IIRC) didn't cross the channel. He, like all his contemporaries, were up for it - even knowing by then what 'it' entailed.

    In an ideal world the last to go would tick every box, but the Last Tommy thing is about the generation, and marking everyone's contribution toward ultimate 'victory'. The fact that we, Johnny Frog, and the Dough Boys were prepared to go over there meant that Herman couldn't snatch a victory.

    Perhaps you might consider the Last Tommy as anyone issued a number pre Nov 11/12th. Jim Shortt might take note, but let's not mix the threads beyond that point.
  5. And as neither he nor his family want a great fuss I don't suppose it matters.
    Seeing as he is 108 I would think he can be forgiven for not remembering a lot of what he did 90 years ago too.
  6. I can't give a difinitive answer but I do know my Great Grandad joined the Royal Warwickshires in 1914 at the age of 48 after giving a false age. He was deemed to be too old for an infantry soldier and spent the war at training depots in the UK as a Sgt. He ended the war without any medals, Victory Medal inclded. From that I would assume, and it's only an assumption, you would have to leave the UK to get the Victory Medal.
  7. This is one of the prime reasons why its not a good idea to give a state funeral for the "Last Tommy" - you'd never know if another old bugger would turn up afterwards...
  8. The Victory Medal was never awarded alone - only with the British War Medal and only if you deployed to a Theatre of War. If he only served at home he would not have received any medals. It was possible to earn the BWM without the VM by crossing "dangerous" waters and not actually deploying into a recognized Theatre of War. For instance, Canadian soldiers who went overseas to the UK, but spent the remainder of the war there, received only the War Medal (the last living Canadian WW1 Vet is such a case and, as such, only has the BWM). Similarly there are cases of British servicmen receiving only the War Medal - usually RN types who served in certain waters considered dangerous, but not actual war theatres.

    Having said all that, good on him!

  9. It is quite complex finding WW1 miltary records especially when their army numbers change because they have changed different corps and they decide to use there second christian name instead of their first .

    I found my relative medal card and on it he was awarded the victory and british medal but was killed in action in the first world war

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