Fouled At The First Hurdle

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Disgusted of Tonbridge, Aug 27, 2004.

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  1. Guys (and Dolls), I need your collective advice.

    I commissioned at the end of 2002. I missed my first OJAR reporting period, pretty much due to Telic 1, and my JO Course straight after.

    This slight mishap was missed by my Adjutant, my OC, and above all by myself. I'd argue that in that time, there was an awful lot happening (as there was for just about everybody), and so no OJAR or record of my achievements has gone onto paper for 2003.No-one, least of all myself, was aware that an OJAR was missed, even thogh I filled out a front page for it last year.

    I understand that it is my responsibilty to attend to my own career development (to a certain extent), but if I don't post 2 OJARs I wiil not be considered for Capt. OR IRC until the next period.

    That, I believe, amounts to a career foul.

    I'm sure the respected old-and-bold among you will not be overly moved by this story, but I'm asking for some advice as to how to broach this subject to the new incoming Adjutant.

    Can an OJAR be back-dated?

    What shall I do if he tries to fob it off or forget it? (advice from any current Adjs would be particularly pertinent!!)

    I think it's a little too early to be career-fouled, even as a Subbie. Any suggestions (bar the ol "Dry your eyes, mate" melody) would be most appreciated.


    If in doubt, just use harsh language.
  2. Not sure if OJARs can be back dated - but there probably is some mechanism for submitting them late, they often arrive at MCM Div months after they were signed. However, I would not sit on this for a moment longer; go and see the Adjt, take any incoming for not having pointed it out earlier. He can then consult the MS chain and get it sorted out. You can then but the drinks in the mess!
  3. Not an answer, but a follow-on question to Disgusted's.

    I commissioned in mid-2002 and have not had an OJAR yet.

    The thing is, though, my former OC sent my 2003 OJAR in at the start of this year. He says it was gleaming. I believe him, as I saw it in draft.

    But for some reason I am not being allowed to see the signed version. I have not told anyone that fact.

    Nor have I had sight of my 2004 OJAR from new OC.

    Any advice on what I should do?

    Does it say anywhere that I have a right to see my OJARs?

    To what extent I am liable for their failure to come up with the goods? I'm worried by Disgusted's comment that it somehow falls to me to chase this.
  4. Under the rules of open reporting (started several years ago) you are not only entitled to receive a copy of all OJARs, but you should be sent them automatically from MCM Div. They are sent direct to the individual and not the unit. If you haven't seen yours you should ask your Adjt/2IC to give the MS chain a nudge.

    Failing that call your MCM Div and ask the clerk that covers your area to send you copies. However, do try them in this order - do not go to MCM Div in the first instance - skipping the chain of command without good reason is never a wise move.
  5. Wow. Top answer. Thanks! :D

    Is this also true for TA types?
  6. I believe that the same rules apply for OJARs irrespective of Reg/TA. Just ask your Adjt/2IC.

    If he/she is unwilling to help, let me know I am sure that I can find out. Or if you can get your hands on it there is a very thick yellow JSP 505? with all the OJAR rules etc. Every unit holds a least one copy in the orderly room - just go and ask the clerks to let you read it.
  7. D of T - You must have an OJAR and must not let anyone brush your lack of one under the carpet. There is nothing to stop the 'chain' backdating it; if they started it they probably have their drafts on disk anyway. Less satisfactory is if they have to do it from memory now. Your OC should be thrashing the Adjt to get the ball rolling - it will no doubt involve chasing up ROs who have long gone to other units or even civvy street but that is his job. I suggest that you produce a 'one-pager' with what you consider to be significant events and achievements over that reporting period to jog their memory. Obviously you will recall that you were brill. Start with that and then they have to actually do something to change it :wink: Good luck.
  8. Thanks hugely for the good advice. I'll snap to it :D