Foul Play in Borgas

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Arik, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. Sorry to hear that, you guys don't have many safe places to holiday.

    There was this earlier this year Bulgaria Thwarts Terror Attack Against Israelis
  2. There have been several countries identified as higher risk for Israeli tourists. Recently, there have a been a few counter-terror arrests outside of Israel e.g. Cyprus in the last week or so, by local authorities sometimes with Israeli int involved.

    If they cannot get to us here, the terrorists / hostile states will try to get to us in easier targets outside of Israel.
  3. Channel 4 News just reported that Borgas was popular with both Jewish and Arab Israelis. What a bloody shame they have to go abroad for a quiet holiday and meet the same crap as back home.
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  4. Regardless of who was on that bus - the country is shocked and it is obviously the big story on TV tonight here. A poor recompense, but eventually Israel will catch up with the perpetrators.
  5. And rightfully deal them 'Biblical' justice.
  6. You keep yanking Iran's chain, with all the assassinations of scientists, and then cry foul when the inevitable happens. I wouldn't expect the rest of the world to get the violins out if I were you, Arik.
  7. Crack on arik.. :)
  8. Sixty

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    You tell him Taz, distaste at the actions of the Israeli Government totally justifies the murder of innocent civilians.

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  9. I honestly would not rely on world sympathy - I blame those civilian tourists for being Israeli & on holiday hence they got what they got. Do you have credible information to say that this was Iran? Do you also have connections with intelligence services?
  10. Your ambassador in UK is saying that it has all the hallmarks of an Iranian attack. Very sad news.
  11. Indeed - sad news. The PM here is also mentioned something about Iran, for a while now there have been travel warnings. I was just wondering if Taz had more inside info as he seemed so sure of himself etc. At the moment, Israel's main and real credible enemy is Iran along with it's proxies so it is the default answer. The facts will come out at some point as will the consequences.
  12. The cold blooded murder of tourists is despicable, whatever the country they came from may or may not have done.

    Our record is hardly pristine but if a foreign government decided to bomb a coach full of British tourists, I'm sure we'd 'cry foul'.
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  13. Interesting point, the US Sec Def is telling Syria that based on half the Government being blown up, they should surrender to the "Freedom Fighters".

    Would that not be giving in to terrorism?
  14. Indeed, a tragic loss of life. But it does seem to be a little premature to blame Iran; they're hardly the only ones with a grudge against Israel.