Fostering and maintaining the golden thread

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Dec 16, 2004.

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  1. BBC interview with Lt Gen Sir Alistair Irwin, the Adjutant General and Regimental Colonel of the Black Watch. Diagram of changes at bottom of page.

    The hackles have been saved! :wink: And Sir Alistair confirms that the TA Battalions will be part of the new regiment, not just "affiliated" as stated earlier in the day. He also recognises that voices will continue to express opposition to the changes.


  2. Would someone get him a pair of glasses with clear lenses.
    In such a new Regiment, with people moving from Bn to Bn, it will not be long before these "golden threads" are a bother and become meaningless.
  3. "Spinning a thread", then :roll:
  4. Nice nice spin.

    Of course , he'll say no if the Tories get in and reverse the whole process?
  5. Well, he did say the Army did not volunteer to make the cuts.

    Or did all that come from the "Adjutant General's brain" we heard about on a thread some time ago, the MOD webpage which advises everyone to "forget Arrse"?
  6. A point that most people seem to miss.
  7. Yup

    Someone is going to have to move fast to explain how it is really going to work. No '"It will take time to work out the detail" - they must have worked the principles out already, or they are lying in their teeth. I posted these fine words from the AG so they are not forgotten and we have a promise to remind them of.
  8. Not so much a golden thread I fear, more like a golden shower.