Foster carers and armed services exempted from changes to housing benefit.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunami, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Are there many service families in council housing rather than sfa?
  2. It is starting to look a bit like the whole thing is going to come apart at the seams.

    I've upper-middle class, multiple home owning housewives on my FB friends with "SMASH THE BEDROOM-TAX" piccies up.

    I foresee a lot of shouting followed by a quiet climbdown.
  3. I would assume it includes the parents of those serving if they normally live at home.
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  4. The phrase 'bedroom tax' really grips my shit.

    It's not a ****ing tax, it's a reduction in benefits!
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  5. I think you may get used to your shit being gripped on the issue.
  6. to be honest this was a question raised by quite a few people, the new exemption lasts from the date your youngun joines up to the date they leave, get married or start to live out which ever is sooner...

    to me that makes sense given there position on backing for the forces so far it also encourages more people to do something positive for the nation, no doubt there will be exemptions added for all keyworker's in the same vain.

    the exemption for foster carers is also a decent rule since it only provides a 12 month window for continued help with rent when there not in use....

    as for the rest of the linked article its mostly grandstanding about issues that are covered wihtin the bill
  7. Cunning Plan Disintegrating.

    Are you suggesting it should stay as originally proposed ?

    And Yes As Dave points out in Parliament every time Labour bring up the TAX word, it's not a TAX it's a reduction in Benefits.

    Oh and Dave is A Hunt (Spelling).
  8. wait till they kick in the 2year rule and withdraw housing benefit for 6 months at a time :)
  9. I know nothing about the rules of Housing Benefit, but I would hazard a guess that it is only for the poor and is probably means-tested. If a family of, for example, a mother and two sons with a low income are living in a council house, and both the sons get a job, I would expect those two wages to be taken into account when considering the continued need for housing benefits. In fact, as a Daily Mail reading higher rate taxpayer, I would probably be outraged if it wasn't. So if the jobs that the two sons got were as soldiers, and because of this exemption they are counted as living at home, then surely their wage should be considered as part of the household income, jeopardising their mother's continuing entitlement to benefits.
  10. No what I am saying is that like so many of their grand plans it fell at the first hurdle. They do not think their grand ideas through!

    How many U turns have they made since being in office?
  11. If you find out it's wrong that your original plans are not correct, what do you do ?
    Change or stick to the incorrect plan,

    And from the day I became aware of Dave as leader of the Conservative party I have been of the opinion that he is the wrong man.
    Now after a few years 'Knowing' him I am serious when I say he is a Hunt (Spelling)
  12. gernally what your assuming is part of the legislation, however those people who do not normally reside at home do not have there income included (so kids who join up) however there is a "duty of care to house" so there rooms may be maintained at there parents house (also only one parent can claim the allowance where they are divorced and living in seperate accomodation) theres a lot of clauses to thease things and having read the documents the paper is refering too without the pish they spin on it theres not much room for dodgy interpretation (particularly as they give examples for dm's to enable them to make the correct assessment)

    however if a child leaves education and enters the workplace there income is included in the calculation of housing/council tax benefit and where apporipriate the benefits are reduced to zero (total household income) but this wont affect the personal means tested benefits either way... and only applies ot people over 18 in any case