Fosse Way Charity Walk May 2013

Fellow Arrsers,

On the 13th May this year my two brothers and I begin our 230 mile walk on the Fosse Way Roman Road from Lincoln to Exeter, in aid of BLESMA and The Anthony Nolan Trust.

Here is the link to donate to either charity

I'm certain you know what BLESMA is about so I won't go into detail about their outstanding work with limbless veterans. The Anthony Nolan Trust is helping those with blood cancer - two fantastic charities I'm sure you'll agree.

We will be taking with us a Baton, keeping the message alive with another wonderful military charity. please have a look if you're not familiar with their work for anyone who has served and their families.

We have had great support from TA centres and two regular Army barracks along the way, putting us up in varying degrees of luxury as we make our way South West, getting to see some beautiful bits if England not often seen (as well as some quality A road dual carriageways!)

Please support us by donating whatever you feel you can afford to either charity, every penny helps and will make a difference to those who really need it.
Thanks for your time,

Old Nig
A lot of views but no takers yet - if anyone can spare even a couple of quid for these two fantastic charities, please follow the link and donate

It's a bloody long way to walk and the causes couldn't be finer, please give something however small, thanks again.


Book Reviewer
PM inbound shortly.

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