Forward The Rifles..

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Sounds quite catchy...
  2. Did'nt Sean Be...... I mean Sharpe use those very words at Badajoz,

    I'll get my coat.........Taxi!!!
  3. Good luck to The Rifles and I'm quite sure that in the best traditions of the British Infantry of the LIne they will go on to great and glorious things..but...before we start praising their Light Infantry heritage let's bear in mind that at least five (Devons, Dorsets,Gloucesters,Berkshires and Wiltshires) of it's predecessors come from what was the backbone of the British Army, the old county regiments and give them equal billing.
  4. They will be 1 and 2 Rifles, so kudos to them..
  5. D and D and RGBW - 1 Rifles
    1 LI - 2 Rifles
    1 RGJ - 3 Rifles
    2 RGJ - 4 Rifles
    2 LI - 5 Rifles
    Rifle Vol - 6 Rifles
    Royal Rifle Vol - 7 Rifles

    I think that's right. Good luck to one and all.

    Still not happy about the light drill thing!
  6. I think......

    1 LI now 5 Rifles?

    But then again......
  7. Light drill here i come,
    oh and swaping a G for a J


  8. From the ACF corner - Good luck and God speed to you all.

    (not that a British infantryman ever needed it)
  9. Does that make you Jizmodnd...?
  10. I served with the D&D a couple of years ago in the LAD. I didn't enjoy my time due to a few of the more senior personel . However I do wish them well in their new Regiment Semper Fidelis!
  11. lol, Only with the Mrs, SJT Jiz does have a ring to it i sopose
  12. I read on the BBC news site that Rifles make up 25% of the ACF, 12,000 of them. Imagine trying to keep that lot in line!
  13. 1 Rifles having an easy life!

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  14. There's a ninja driving that boat! Throwing Stars! 200M rapid fire!