Forward Air Marker

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by OP_ACK, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Came across reference to the above in an old gunner magazine (sad I know), it was inferred in the article that it was a role, but I beleive it to be an item of equipment. Can anyone confirm this or give a better description?

  2. If you think about it, it is a person and a peice of equipment
  3. Laser target designator

    Funny what you find on Google ;-)
  4. Thanks Bossdog

    That's pretty much what I thought, althouth the actual wording in the article about 4/73 (Sphinx) is "The patrol will also contain a Forward Air Controller or Forawrd Air Marker....." So you can see where the confusion arose.
  5. When i was acting as an FAC we would contact the aircraft who were flying around a known magnetic bearing and send them a bearing to the target we were watching, once we had a visual on the aircraft we would then give them a landmark that we knew they would be able to see and then a more precise direction to the target, as soon as they had aquired the target they would report either "Tally" or "contact" (depending on whether they were British or US pilots) and they would engage that target.

    Sometimes if there were no obvious landmarks we would direct the aircraft over our own position and use a mirror or light to direct them from us onto the target, not forgetting that these guys were motoring in low and fast and you only have a few seconds from seeing the aircraft to directing it onto the target, a very rewarding role on top of our ususal FOO job.

    Obviously this was back in the ealy 80's so i expect things have improved since then with an HF radio and a mirror lol. :D
  6. Can I ask what magazine this is and if they are possible for civvy's to get hold of? Cheers.
  7. Morty

    See my PM

  8. Cheers mate, much appreciated!
  9. FAM is a non FAC who will laser designate a target (ie illuminate it). Could be an OP ack with a LTD who is told to turn it on and lase whilst the ac remains under someone elses control. I would be surprised if FAMs still existed as the feranti is a bit expensive.

    By the way If you think being in a FOO party is great you havent tried being in a TACP have you - go on give it a go.
  10. the FAM course was the predecessor of the now defunkt LTMO's (laser Target Marker operators) course. A course which qualified OP acks in the main, to be able to mark targets for aircraft. ideally each Tac group would have had an FAC qualified person, and a number of FAM/LTMO qualified personnel.
  11. Retd_Crab and Mastergnr

    Many thanks for your replies, everything is now clear.