Forward Air Controllers?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by allyjs, Jul 4, 2007.

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  1. May have been asked before, so apologies if it has.

    Just curious can you become a FAC in any part of the army or is there a specific unit that deals with this role?

    Reason i'm asking is that, it would be something I would be interested in doing once I've joined.


  2. All Arms post - currently expanding like mad. Opportunities all over, especially in Afghan right now.

    Need to be min rank Cpl. A fcukin excellent job all round.

    PM for me info - apologies for the rushed post.
  3. which corps/arm are you in?
  4. Not serving yet. Just thinking about my future only got a year until the end of my A-levels.
  5. You need to be experianced if army and a good knowledge of patrolling and map reading is essential. Be prepared to be away a LOT LOL.
  6. Great job, but courses are difficult to get on.
  7. As Proximo says If you are an officer OC TACP is an E2 Job and at Capt level. You can be an FAC as a subalturn FR/Inf are best capbadges for this.

    As a soldier you do need to be a Cpl min. Looks like FAC will be a career stream in the RA soon so I guess there is the best place to go. Opportunities exist in FR Regiments and (Dare I even mention it on here) RAF Regiment but you will need to be an Officer or Sgt/Flt Sgt there.

    Top, top job lots of travel both on Ex and Ops.

    Edited to add. You could always join the AAC and be a Pilot and an FAC!
  8. not quite true, the RAF have Cpl FACs at Saints and all Regt Sqns will soon have their own FACs
  9. Also TA unit at Bath if that's of interest.
  10. Was completley unware of that, so I bow to your superior knowledge Mr Paveway :)
  11. No worries was speaking to several AbFacs that I know from way back and business is brisk as usual. The AH guys working on CFX last week were very switched on bunnys
  12. Their exclusivity seems to have gone in the light of operational demands. Amongst others the Yeomanry seem to be getting a quite a few qual'ed at the moment on the back of support to FR regts.
  13. TA unit still in great demand though I gather...
  14. That unit is exclusive in that if you want to either qualify or continue with Forward Air Controlling then it is the only unit that has PID's for them in the TA.
    Yes there have been one shot FAC's going both from the Regular Army and to a lesser extent the TA. However, all in the community know one shot FAC's are an expensive way of doing business. Considering the high cost of training a bit of experiance and some return of service is what is called for. Something which I think the RA will have sown up fairly soon.

    In light of Operational demands one would imagine that some sort of reserve unit willing to support ops in an area that has a lack of suitable people would be able to thrive and indeed grow
  15. I was under the impression it was a Flt Lt, a SNCO and 2x SACs as signallers that made up the RAF Regt teams?I take it I am then mistaken?