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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Artois1664, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Good Afternoon,
    New person, be gentle!!
    Does anybody know if, in the TA, it is possible to become a FAC. If so, which units would be the best option for this role, and how would you go about getting on such a course, and also, what the course itself entails?
    I appreciate its probably a difficult thing to achieve via the TA, and it would probably be a long (and over subscribed) course to get on, but it looks like a highly rewarding and satisfying thing to do. Hope I haven't waffled...
  2. Artois1664

    The TA FAC Tp is part of 21 Signals Regt and works out of the TA Centre in Bath. You are correct to assume that both FAC Tp and the FAC Cse are heavily oversubscribed. However, feel free to PM me for further details, phone numbers etc.

    Outside of the FAC Tp, there are also a few TA chaps serving as FACs under FTRS.
  3. Thanks for the replies. The FAC page is very interesting. Is anybody aware of units in or closer to London, where this may be available. Two more questions, if you don't mind! Do you have to be an officer, and what is FTRS?
  4. The RY have a squadron in London, just opposite Putney Bridge tube station.

    Check PM for more details.
  5. 1. No you don't have to be an officer, Full Screw is min level
    2.Well if you don't know what FTRS is the you shouldn't worry about being an FAC, as it'll be a long long way off.

    No WAAH? OK then its Full Time Reserve Service
  6. Just out of interest. How many FAC slots do the Royal Yeomanry have?
  7. Slightly different role, but have you considered the HAC?

    FTRS - Full time reserve service - form of mobilisation. A search would have given you this answer easily enough...

  8. According to the website two, which are taken. These couldn't be filled by HCR.

    And I agree if you don't know what FTRS is FAC is a long long way off.
  9. Yeah I saw that but are they Yeomanry slots or just because the HCR couldn't fill them?
  10. I quote "The Household Cavalry Regiment had a couple of spaces allocated to it which it could not fill".

    FACs are in demand but I wonder why the sudden TA threads relating to it?
  11. Thanks for all the info. I agree, and I haven't assumed otherwise that FAC would be a long long way off. I was simply asking some questions about a role. The Army in general and this website are full of abbreviations, I do apologise for asking what one of them meant.
  12. @ Frenchie No idea mate. Nice to be wanted though
  13. Artois, Royal Yeomanry are a good bunch to join but if your heart is set on an FAC role then its not the place to go. FAC falls into the same category as P company and Commando training- there is no Regimental requirement so you wont be able to get on a course even if slots on courses came up.
  14. I see exactly what you are saying. So, are there any TA regiments that have a requirement for FAC?