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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by VarSity, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have been going through my application process and it’s basically come round to the time I make three choices and start my formal interviews.

    I already have some choices in mind one of which is OP assistant with the Artillery.
    Basically I was drawn to this job because it seemed some what like the Forward Air Control roll I have read about, however I have not found any details of this role as a trade in any of the booklets I have been given by the AFCO.

    Is FAC called something else in the Army? (I know the RAF Regiment call them FAC’s) or can anyone tell me anything about this trade, specifically how you go about getting into the job.
    At the moment I am assuming its not a job you can go straight into, if that’s the case from what pools do they recruit from?
  2. If you are going into the Army as an OP assistant then you will be joining the RA (which makes me think you will be a gunner for quite a while), if you are decent at your job you "could" become a FOO's assistant (Forward Obs Officer). As part of the job you may get a chance to go FAC, these slots are as rare as hens teeth but a great job. They are mostly done in the RA by Officers, however other arms tend to use Cpls and SNCO's so you would need to get promoted before you get the chance anyway!

    I would seriously suggest you ask your careers office for the full story or ask the same question on the gunners forum..
  3. If you want to become a FAC, then the RA is your best bet as DRA has taken over responsibility for all LAND FAC matters. To correct timex slightly, however, most FACs coming through the system now are RA JNCOs and SNCOs.

    RAC FR Regts also have a number of FAC billets, as does the RAF Regt. If being a FAC is your sole aim in joining up, then the RA is your best bet.

    In terms of nomenclature, 'FAC' is the Brit term and 'JTAC' is the US term. In both current theatres, however, the term 'JTAC' is used as the overarching CAS TTP document is the US Joint Pub 3-09.3.

    If you want to know any more about FACing, then PM me as I do know a little bit.
  5. OOps stand corrected, lost my CR status about 3 year ago....ABFAC.

    edited to add the really really devilishly good looking FAC's..... :wink: :wink:

  6. You called....!
  7. Anyone can apply for tha FAC course, after you have completed it, you with either remain on 'standby' within your unit, or posted to an 'independent FSG' for a 2 year period.
  8. Thank you The big un. Right I may be able to help you mate.I hate to say this but the RA are taking over the FAC world.So with that in mind to become a FAC I would recommend either joining the RA or marrying a yank chick and joining the USAF. I am not RA however I have managed to get in fairly high up in the FAC world due to my old boss being posted and my regiment at that time being totally ignorant to fast air.Yes we are a bunch of arrogant gits,this is due to us being the ''hardest bloke on the battlefield''FACT.So if you get upset by people having a problem with you wearing sunglasses and turning up from your hotel in a civvie 4x4 then thinning out when the Air is RTB then FAC is not for you.If you can handle people with no idea of your job and airspace management telling you your job then look elsewhere.

    Banter aside.Its a cracking job ,its a hell of a lot of responsibility.You have more firepower at the end of your 152/346/117 than 100 blokes and a BTY of guns.m Just remember ''ARTY FOR SHOW,FAST AIR FOR A PRO''

    It will take you at least 7 years get even get a sniff at JFACTSU.

  9. Also as the big un has already stated you need to be handsome and pretty damn cool. Urm Well I am ugly as feck and hardly slim however when It counts its doing the biz whilst looking cool that counts.
  10. Nice one. Mind if I steal that
  11. That's progress for you.Long ''courses''.In the depths of time(eg in Dhofar 1972-74),it was a one day course,and then you were off killing people,using Strikemasters(great FGA) and some Iranian Phantoms.Happy Days!!
  12. Yep and some of us go back to the old 'Jungle FAC' qual...
  13. Forniup fill your boots mate.You will see it on a few T-shirts shortly.
  14. T-Shirts you say. Reserve a couple for me then
  15. We give um sh!t but some of the best FAC's I've work with are the RAF Regt guys working for a certain unit!! :wink:

    And yes it is a cool job......I have delivered for you many-a-time.

    You Chill-We Kill :1: