Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by BenghaziBandit, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. Have just had my wrist slapped on another Forum for commenting that I am a member of this Forum and others!
    Was told '
    "We don't advertise other Forums on this site"!
    Your thoughts.
  2. Dude, stand by for incoming - this isn't the correct place for posting this!

    In fact, I'm not sure where this belongs...
  3. It just advertises the site, kicking off forum flamewars and causing an influx of trolling
  4. Actually, I wasn't being serious - I was hoping somebody would the fill the obvious so I could write "ba-da-bomb" or something equally silly.

    Slow day, you see :)

    Although in answer to the OP it doesn't surprise me - I get the feeling from having looked at other forums, that ARRSE is probably one of the best for free speech (i.e. posting against the grain), or just general banter.
  5. Watch it Jarrod you cheeky young sod!
    I know my number starts with 144 but lets have a bit of respect! :)
    I was wondering which thread!(if any) :?
  6. Does your number start with 144, or is it 144?


    edit: Should have read the rest of the posts as I would have seen Jarrod beat me too it!
  7. Someone from here got slapped last week on PPrune for mentioning "trolly dolly"
  8. You young-uns!! :D
    Starts 144, which in WW2 denoted a volunteer! (at 17 didn't know any better, then it was too late!) :oops: