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Info for those new to the forum and a timely reminder to the more seasoned members.

Taken from this thread here:

2. General Boards.

These are the bulk of the site and consist of everything not included in the Serious Boards and the NAAFI. Banter, obtuse posts and ignorant comment are often the norm but we will moderate (ie police) against:

a. Thread hijacking where an argument/slagging match is carried over from elsewhere.
b. Totally pointless points.
c. Extreme swearing and abuse of other users.

There has been a number of long running arguments across many threads over this last few years. And while posting standards are largely subjective and open to interpretation to a degree, I believe we can all agree that making the same point over and over again is not only pointless, it also qualifies as thread hijacking.

To further derive if you fall foul of this, ask yourself what's the first thing you do when you open the site in the mornings (or whenever you wake up)? If it's to go through all those quoted posts and respond to each one of them in turn, then perhaps it's time to take a step back and ask yourself what you're really gaining from your time on here.

ARRSE is supposed to be a fun and informative forum-based site and while healthy debate is encouraged, I don't believe the site was ever intended for endless tit for tat bickering that eventually descends into name calling, real life threats and subsequent reports that result from it.

Incidentally, spending the last 6 months of your life arguing with the same individual then hitting the report button like a rabid hamster because they won't back down, won't win you any support from the moderating team. Just so you know.
Not open for further replies.

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