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Why is the Sigs forum the only forum not to have a witty description under the name?

We want a witty description!!!

Well, I'd like to see one any way.

Any suggestions?

One to get the ball rolling.

"If it works, don't touch it.

If it doesn't work, back slowly out of the room, and deny all knowledge."
...and it seems that there are 2 posts with the same title.

Good drills CF - just confirms everything I believe about your 'witty' Corps. :D
Just wondering X-Inf.

Are you by anychance Ex Royal Scots, 1st of foot, right of line?

And are you on a T1 course at moment?
And just to prove your point.. I've managed to put two identical topics the site!!!

And here's me a highly trained SysEngTech!!!

Subject of intelligence. We do share a MCM Div with the intelligence corp!

Please, someone remove or tell me how to remove the topic I dont want!!!

I want to keep this one!!! :oops:
The only time youll see them is Breakfast, Dinner and tea!
RTFQ said:
RSigs Forum: Home of Sporadic E
Sporadic E is an excuse, only used by 25 year old sprog Yeoman who have failed in their quest to establish comms. Get the mobile phones out......
Think? Why Think! we have computers do that for us.
Chocolate Frog, the Sigs board did have one - you either havent been on arrse long enough or just dont remember... it mentioned the Sigs being an amazing part of the army in that your radios work. The reason there isnt one now is that there is an advert - your browser obviously doesnt show it, neither does mine but thats the reason.
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