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OK I did a search and this may be a bit of a bone question but why is the forum set to display times as am and pm rather than zulu time? Or is that not an option with this bb software?

Seems like any excuse to confuse the lifelong civvies is a good one, I've been out over thirty years and I still use 24 hour clock... :D
Fugly said:
BarkingSpider said:
Oh balls. Did I write that? :oops:
Maybe you were in a different time zone ;)
A different beer zone more like.
I was reminding myself to remember to change the clocks tomorrow and trying to write two things at one whilst drinking beer. I have no idea why I wrote that. I'm going to leave it though 'cos someone might get a laugh at my expense. They won't be the first.

Spaz is right though, but not just because of this, I've earned that many many times over the years. :D

Note to self: Don't post while pissed. How many times?

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