fortysomething wife

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cjshas, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. nice lingerie

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  2. Nice gunt.
  3. Not keen on the door - I like a nice flat surface that doesnt trap the dust.
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  4. Mum?!!
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  5. Is it Jan Hamilton showing off again ?
  6. Well she's obviously had a coupleof kids, hasn't she...
  7. Another coat of paint should sort it...

    Nice bod though... Damn, I've started now.
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  8. I'm just wondering where this spam is going....
  9. So have Paul Gadd and Jimmy Saville.
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  10. Just enough plumpness to achieve a good ripple on every thrust
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  11. Yes and how dare she look so shabby after a few kids...pfffttt - I've passed bigger stools than the average sprog and i'm alright
  12. To young,prefer the cunts a bit older me sell like.
  13. And her Adultwork profile is?
  14. We've all had worse.
  15. As I've frequently admitted on more than one occasion; actually, she looks remarkably like this bird called Jo from Worcester park that I used to get 'entertained by'...