Forty Percent Budget cuts on the cards

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Victorian_Major, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. The government has to start chopping things sometime. It was pretty ridiculous that the last lot reckoned that if we continued to overspend money that we didn't have, that would somehow lead us out of this mess. Some departments probably could do with a large cut.

  2. There is no doubt that there will be a lot of pain. However as with many diseases the cure can appear worse than the illness and I believe that in the long term it will get better, let's be honest it couldn't be allowed to continue as it was. My big worry is that the great unwashed who seem to have the attention span and memory of goldfish will forget who was ultimately responsible for the position in which we find ourselves.
  3. Seems a good 'starting point' to me.

    The Coalition have also said that they do not expect any department to have to make 40% cuts.

    The usual twerp-like dinosaurs are bleating already and I expect the mega-twerp 'Sven/Whet' to join in as soon someone explains the long words to him.
  4. what grips my **** is the fact overseas aid is ring fenced.
    ffs we give cash to poor countys that have space programes and nukes.!
  5. Defence has been given some protection, and must produce plans to cut between 10% and 20%. So there may be some brown envelopes flying around before not too long.
  6. Defence is getting some protection from that
    Apart from defence, I'm quite happy to see massive spending cuts. Slash away Mr Cameron.
    I, for one, am more than happy to see it.
  7. Whereas I agree that spending has to be trimmed, the point of the fact is, Health, Defence, Police/Fire, Education and Welfare (shudder...) ALL need a decent budget.

    Education - Children are our future (and not in a MJ way either!) so they do need to be taught to a higher standard..
    Defence - Not even going to start on this as were all well aware of what is going on overseas...
    Health - Pay the nurses more and they wont be going overseas to earn better money and it will stop the brain drain and keep standards high(er)...
    Police/Fire - again, the Peelers are mostly clapping with one hand so to speak.. not saying give them a free reign and turn them into a militia, but let them do thier jobs - including a judicial review..

    Which leads me to welfare... ahh.. the bane of our society... slack arsed, JK watching eejits, sat at home, chuffing away on Regals, eating Microchips and drinking White Lightning whilst contributing nothing to our society apart from spotty, arrogant, mongs that further drain our society and try to drag it down to even further depths of depravity...

    That, IMO, is where the cuts need to be implemented.. that, and as mentioned in a previous post, the ridiculous overseas aid that costs this country billions and billions of pounds a year. There are no doubt several posters who will ridicule my thoughts, however, this is just my take on things. I dont have the answers as to how and there are cleverer people out there than me with -ologies of some description that will.

    Theres an old saying - "Charity begins at home" - lets take that on board and get our own home sorted out.. then lets start up the overseas aid again if needs be. Sort out our homeless, our mentally deranged, our inner city poverty..

    If Cam and Co. have got any inkling on what to do, then the best of luck to them... I wouldnt want to be in thier shoes right now.. its a shitty job and you can guarantee that in about 4 years time the usual bunch of whinging moaners will be shouting for Nu Liarbour to be brought back..

    And..... breathe....
  8. "Police - again, the Peelers are mostly clapping with one hand so to speak.. not saying give them a free reign and turn them into a militia, but let them do thier jobs - including a judicial review.."

    Plenty of fat to cut from the police, from the people who did this with our money:

    I bring you the dogcam -

    and another force thinks it can p*ss £100K on shirts up the wall:

    The key target of police cuts has to be public funding ACPO, and lets have some of these senior officers reviewed. I would like to see the Black/Asian police officers association lose any public funding too. There is a police federation, surely that provides for all officers.
  9. Very good points BTD... again I wasnt going to go into a massive diatribe on who,why,what and when... just a broad sweeping opinion of mine.. I agree that there are certain aspects of the police that need to be seriously and severely looked at.. a lot of the time Political Correctness and lack of common sense can be blamed - Im no expert but what we see in the media of a day to day basis and what I hear from friends in the force only make me hang my head in disbelief..

    But, and heres the kicker, is the current new Govt actually going to take the bull by the horns and attempt to do anything about it ?
  10. Millons here pay their tax's, expect their children to get a half decent eduction, expect the peelers to come to the scene of a crime but no their budgets are being slashed by upto 40%. (cuts I accept are needed)

    But then what do we do, tell every other cnut around the world as long as you don't pay taxes in the UK, you can get better services in your own country than the tax payers will getting the uk, through our marvelous Oversea's Aid program.

    Requirements for payment of aid, you must be building your own space program.
  11. The shirt thing's bollox. Every day they are on duty they wear body armour/stab vests.
    The shirts are a technical garment similar to UBACS. No more than that!
    I can guarantee that there are savings to be made in WMP but the shirt thing isn't one. Probably part of PPE regs.

    If this has you baying for blood look a little deeper. The posts that have knack all to do with Policing aren't hard to find!
  12. What irritates me is we are massively in debt. The UK borrows billions every year just to keep things going. Then we give billions away in aid.

    It's like me having an overdraft of £5 million on a £30k salary and going into the bank to borrow another million with the intention of giving tens of thousands away to strangers.
  13. Gordo's Legacy.......hard times a head, I was just watching a TV programme about getting the UB..types to work for dole & some beeding heart stated "why should the most vunerable pay for something thats not their fault" well being "vunerable" costs so think out of the box and man the fcuk up, this country has been used to handouts for too long 40% cuts is a small price compared to what would have happend if Liarbore was still in!!
  14. I agree fully, maybe the govt should give grants to UK companies to set up in these "wog countries" and give aid in the way of trade instead of giving money to corrupt 3rd world countries for new mercades & range rovers for the Boys while the hospitals & food stocks fail.

    Grips my shite that